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Mid-Season Performance Review

As we are just about halfway through the 2014-2015 regular NBA Season, it seems appropriate to review performance for our system of handicapping NBA basketball.

Preliminary indications from an informal audit we just completed suggest our picks are right around the 60% threshhold that we have come to expect from our efforts. Specifically, our published picks against the spread are 41-28-1, for a 58.6% win rate. Our bets on totals have fared slightly better, cashing in 48 instances out of 80 wagers, or exactly 60% of the time (our total plays pushed twice). Thus, in aggregate, @wizeowlsports is a smart 89-58-3 on the season, for a win rate of 59.3%.

We have adopted the custom of paying up to achieve a minimum margin of error, which is tosay that our average vig is higher than the standard -110. However, even at our -117, our 59%+ win rate still bests the implied break even rate at 53.9%.

The following chart illustrates hypothetical profits that would have accrued had a bettor risked $100 on each of our selections from the outset of the season.


Happy betting!!

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