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Benefit from our objective approach to handicapping a variety of sports
About WizeOwlSports

We endeavor to provide disciplined, unemotional wagering advice and coverage of the NFL and  NBA markets in aggregate as well as select boxing, mixed martial arts and other headline sporting matches.


The uniqueness of our approach to analyzing sporting events is rooted in our top-down methodology. Rather than relying solely on our perceived ability to assess the impact on outcome of factors such as team psychology, player tendencies, injuries, strength of schedule, rest, weather, and the like, our work also incorporates broader environmental observations, rooted in empirical study .


Consider a game six of the NBA Playoffs, for example. While the attributes and tendencies of the involved teams certainly matter in attempting to forecast betting outcomes, we also know that squads entering game 6 with a 3-2 advantage have covered about two of every three such contests historically. Thus, while backing the team that is down in the series is the the right play roughly a third of the time, it is important to recognize that such action is tantamount to swimming against the tide. In our reckoning, a team would need to boast huge fundamental advantages to overcome such a negative contextual backdrop.


We might also incorporate in our efforts measures of bettor sentiment and quantitative methodologies such as computer simulation and power rankings-based appraisals.

In adopting a mosaic approach to handicapping sports, we attempt to control for subjectivity in our analysis, and to derive more unprejudiced conclusions.

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