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2017-2018 Season NBA Picks

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

We started the season cold as ice, as indicated by our record of 15-25 on our first 40 picks (good for a wallet-shrinking 12.5 unit loss). However, we cashed in at a better than 60% clip on our next 40 games (24-14-2), so that after 80 published plays, we were 39-39-2 record-wise, and a bit south of breakeven from the perspective of profitability.

During the two month stretch that followed, our cumulative profitability mostly oscillated between flat and -3 units -- until recently, that is. Since Valentine's Day we have registered a blistering 7-1 record on our spread and totals picks. As the following graphic illustrates, this strong showing has (finally!) pushed us into the realm of profitability on the year.

We think we are finally onto something, and we hope to finish the remainder of the regular NBA season strong.

Happy betting!!

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