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Adding MLB Coverage to Our Menu of Offerings

We have adapted our multi sim line NBA side and totals handicapping models to produce major league baseball picks. As preliminary indications are encouraging, we will begin posting the output from this framework daily. We remind our readers that this work has virtually no live track record, hence the 'grain of salt' reference in yesterday's tweet. And while, as in professional football and basketball, we expect we will craft a baseball framework that yields long-term profits, we concede that v1.0 may not be the final build. But you gotta start somewhere, and we think our sim work is a better place than many.

Despite the exclusive focus on Money Line wagers at many shops, we appreciate the meaningful profit potential for bettors willing to play (favorites especially on) the standard Run Line of 1.5, as in each season between 2010 and 2014, 69%-71% of MLB games were decided by two or more runs. Our mission is to unearth value, wherever it may exist. As such, we have no philosophical biases toward the Money Line, Run Line or Total. Instead, we evaluate opportunities individually based on the vig relative to the strength of our signal (i.e. the risk/reward trade-off).

Our first ever baseball pick collected, as the White Sox ran out to an early 4-0 lead in Oakland yesterday, and held off the A's later to secure a 4-3 win.

For today, we highlight two Money Line games as well as four totals bets:

Houston Astros @ New York Yankees o6.5 -110

New York Mets @ Kansas City Royals o8.0 -110

Detroit Tigers @ Miami Marlins o7.5 -115

Detroit Tigers ML -118 @ Miami Marlins

Seattle Mariners ML -105 @ Texas Rangers

Los Angeles Dodgers @ San Diego Padres o7.0 -110

The entire set of picks from our Run Line, Money Line and Totals models are indicated below:

Happy betting!!

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