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Dec 21 NBA Play: Betting Total on Philadelphia 76ers @ Orlando Magic

Philadelphia 76ers at Orlando Magic u193.5

The computers suggests a combined total score in the range of 175-188, which, while admittedly wide, does suggests, at a minimum, more than the five point buffer we generally require to justify a play.

The scoring histories of these teams this season also support this wager, highlighting a range spanning 179-185.


This matchup features two of the NBA's bottom quintile offenses. The 76ers score, on average, fewer points than any team in the Association, while the Magic, ranked 26th of 30 by average score per game, are only marginally better. Similarly, Philadelphia shoots the lowest percentge from the floor of any team in the league, and Orlando is only a few slots higher -- but still well below average.

Philly's defense is almost as bad as its offense. The 76ers allow almost 104 points per game, well above the 100(ish) point league average, and good for fourth worst in the NBA. This might concern us as backers of the UNDER, except that Orlando's offensive ineptitude appears an almost even offset to any advantage teams with the ball generally gain facing the Sixers.

In summary, the computers hint that this showdown between two of the league's bottom of the barrel offenses is likely to be an ugly affair, replete with mistakes and botched opportunities. This condition, in itself, favors the UNDER.

Happy betting!!

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