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NBA Playoffs Betting Guide: Backing Home Teams in Tough Patches

In opening round NBA Playoff action, the Cavs, Grizzlies and Bucks all lost their last games to lower seeded opposition. Further, each of these teams have amassed a losing record in their last five. History says the comfort of home represents an ideal spot to back these squads for bounce back covers Wednesday. Accordingly, we are betting on this trio to each beat the number.

The angle described in the graphic has delivered a 17% return since the 2004-05 season, which proved statistically significantly different than the presumed 52.4% breakeven rate at the 95% confidence level.

We attribute this system's success to the talent teams occupying the top four post-seaon berths possess, which generally translates to an ability to hone in and collect wins/covers when the chips are down. Further, consistent with the findings of Remer & Stone (2012), the home crowd tends to influence officials toward friendlier whistles.

Happy betting!!


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