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Jan 22, 2022 NBA Action: Kings @ Bucks

Sacramento Kings +10 @ Milwaukee Bucks

The Kings just finished a five-game home stand Wednesday with 2-3 SU record, including back-to-back losses on the tail end. Saturday Sac will face the Bucks, who are two-thirds of the way through a so far unsullied (SU, anyway) three-game home stretch.

History says backing teams on losing streaks who are coming off at least four straight at home has been a profitable strategy facing non-conference opposition on winning streaks.

This system is 61-44-5 since the 2004-05 season, good for a 13% long-term return on investment. This angle is 1-0 so far this season, after these very Kings covered at the Miami Heat roughly three weeks ago.

Happy betting!!

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