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Feb 7 NBA Action: San Antonio Spurs @ Portland Trail Blazers

Photo: Associated Press/Craig Mitchelldyer


San Antonio Spurs +6 @ Portland Trail Blazers

Moda Center, Portland, Oregon

February 7, 2019, 5:30 PM PDT

The Spurs fell to the Warriors at Oracle Arena yesterday evening, losing by a massive 39 point deficit. To highlight the rarity of a chasm this wide at the end of a professional basketball contest, consider that of BetLabsSports database of 17,342 NBA games, a margin of 39 or greater has only been observed 111 times, or 0.64% of the time...of note though, TWO of these black swans occurred over the past week.

We expect last night's exceptionally bad loss creates an opportunity to buy the Spurs on the cheap tonight. Supporting our hypothesis, we point out that underdogs on the third stop of road trips have been solid versus the number coming off a loss of 25 or more. Such teams have delivered an 11% ROI since 2005.

Of particular relevance, the best two Spurs, LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan, were both inactive in Wednesday's action. However, both stars are expected to go tonight.

Happy betting!!

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