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Dec 30 NBA Play: Betting Total on Philadelphia 76ers @ Golden State Warriors

Philadelphia 76ers u96 at Golden State Warriors

One computer estimates 90.1 points from the Philadelphia 76ers tonight, when they travel to Oracle Arena to face the Golden State Warriors. The other machine in our lineup suggests a 76ers total of 90.4. Both forecasts provide latitude in excess of five points, thus we find the Sixers UNDER 96 a compelling play.

An examination in aggregate of Philadelphia's play this season while travelling hints at a score in the ballpark of 83.5 (the 76ers boast a median score on the road of 85; our approach shaves off a point and a half to account for the strength of the Warriors defense).

In twelve road games, Philly has posted more than 96 points just once -- against the below-average defense of the Detroit Pistons. We think it quite unlikely that the Sixers muster the wherewithall to shoot the lights out tonight -- expecially considering that the Warriors are particularly committed to dominating their home floor and are generally solid all-around defenders (Golden State ranks first in blocks per game, fifth in steals, ninth in rebounding and tenth in points allowed).

Happy betting!!

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